Supporting Small Business - Why It's Important

Small Business: An independently owned organization that requires a minimized amount of capital and workforce; these businesses are ideally suited to operate on a smaller scale, and serve a local community.

"When you support an independent business, you're supporting the true reflection of the person or people behind it."

There are over 30 million small businesses within the United States of America; that number comprises of 99.9% of all businesses located within our great country, and also presents very conclusive reasoning that displays why supporting them is essential.

When you Support Small Business, you're Supporting your Community

By supporting a small business, you’re not only supporting the business owner; you're supporting a number of things, your community being at the helm. Spending your money there helps to stimulate the local economy and keep business booming within your local region. These smaller-sized businesses help to create and sustain jobs as well as keep the area vibrant, and buzzing with shoppers and tourists. The support of the community means a great deal to a small-business owner, and they typically enjoy returning the favor by participating in fundraisers and holding special events to show their appreciation.

Coming together to spend your money at a local business shows that you appreciate the things they’re doing for your neighborhood, and the services that they provide. The support of the community works both ways when it comes to buying from and owning a small business. Every purchase made from these companies helps the owner provide wages for their workers, keep the lights on, and put food on the table for their families.

You Receive an Excellent Customer Service Experience

Small-business owners treasure the relationships they have with all of their customers. They rely on regular, as well as sporadic customers, to not only help them earn a profit but also to spread the word to others about the products and/or services they offer. Due to the fact every small business needs the support of local consumers, you can expect to get friendly, personal customer service. Also, the staff of a smaller-sized business will typically be more readily available to answer detailed questions about the products and services they sell; and if they can't accommodate to your request, they'll more likely than not put you in touch with another small business who will.

They also enjoy getting to know their customers, since they’re all an important part of the community they serve. More than anything, word of mouth counts when it comes to the growth of a small business, so it’s not surprising that they want every single customer to have a positive experience each and every time some type of contact is made. Expect to be greeted with smiling faces, and eager help when you interact with a small business. Positive experiences such as these will keep you coming back, which is a win-win for everyone involved.

It Keeps your Community Unique and Innovative

Local businesses give a community its zest. Towns across